Research Activities

Anti microbial resistance (AMR)

Work area – Develop advanced oxidation approaches to treat antibiotics from wastewater effluents and mitigate wastewater-mediated dissemination of antimicrobial resistance. Develop novel disinfection strategies to prevent dissemination through drinking water supplies.

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

A U. S. – based company along with IIT M’s assistance has begun remediation measures in Tondiarpet in Northern Chennai where an oil leak from an underground pipeline had contaminated groundwater and soil. Learn More

Outreach Activities

Sewage Treatment Plant

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) has vetted design of small and large-scale wastewater treatment plants for various clients such as L&T, Tata Projects, Brigade Group Karnataka, Telangana Government Water Board, Vijay Shanti builders and several smaller scale builders who erect STPs in their construction projects. Read More…

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

IIT Madras was assigned a contract by Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd. (BPCL), to assess the petroleum pipeline leak in Chennai, India. Due to a failure in pipeline integrity, gasoline and diesel were released into the subsurface from BPCL’s pipeline connecting  Read More…