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The Tamil Nadu Government’s Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Forest Department awarded a project to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) on 15th July 2023. This project titled ‘Sustainable Sandhai – A carbon-neutral Koyambedu market’ is a collaboration with the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB), and Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC). The project is supported by a grant of Rs. 1.357 Crores.

To effectively achieve the project objectives, IITM has outlined plans across several domains, Encompassing Waste Management, Water Supply and Sanitation, Stormwater Management and Rainwater Harvesting, Building Structure & Engineering for Sustainability, Energy Utilization and Carbon Footprint, Traffic & Transportation, and Social Survey & Stakeholders Mapping. The teams have been formed for each domain, comprising IITM Faculty members, Consultants, Project Staff, and students. The project progress is structured in four stages: Inception Report, Status Quo Report, Concept Project Report, and Detailed Project Report (DPR).

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Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) has vetted design of small and large-scale wastewater treatment plants for various clients such as L&T, Tata Projects, Brigade Group Karnataka, Telangana Government Water Board, Vijay Shanti builders and several smaller scale builders who erect STPs in their construction projects.

We also undertake performance evaluation and researching on innovative technologies for operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants (STPs) at various locations in India. The Operation of such plants demands comprehensive expertise and a systematic approach to investments in property, plant and also the equipment. Stratus’ many years of experience and the knowledge that they have, help our customers in efficient operational management of the highest standard. We also undertake overall responsibility for the technical or commercial management of Water and Wastewater treatment plants.

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This Project involved investigation of sites, 1 especially ponds, by Indian lnstitute of Technology (IIT-M) at the Nagarjuna Agri-Chemical Ltd. (NACL) facility located near Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, which historically received untreated effluent from the plant.

As per the request made by the local Pollution Control Board, IIT-Madras studied and evaluated the groundwater quality in the area in order to understand if the discharge in order to understand if the discharge from the manufacturing plant was the source of contamination to groundwater wells in the nearby villages.

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Tamil Nadu Pollution Control invited IITM to conduct investigations on an oil spill that happened in Tondiarpet, Chennai in India.

IIT Madras was assigned a contract by Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd. (BPCL), to assess the petroleum pipeline leak in Chennai, India. Due to a failure in pipeline integrity, gasoline and diesel were released into the subsurface from BPCL’s pipeline connecting their marine petroleum off-loading terminal on the Bay of Bengal to their main petroleum distribution terminal. Further use of the pipeline that is leaking has been terminated, but the leakage occurred in a densely populated and developed urban neighborhood, thus affecting the numerous local, domestic and commercial water supply wells. Residents first noticed the oil in mid-2012 and by July 2013, TNPCB intervened after the many media reports about the contamination. Experts from IIT – Madras were then asked to study and help decontaminate the locality.

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All Projects

A complete list of all the past as well as the ongoing outreach activities are listed below,

  2. Sewage Treatment Plant ( brochure (.3 MB))
  3. Nagarjuna Agri-Chemical Manufacturing Facility ( brochure (3.0 MB))
  4. Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation – Chennai, India ( brochure (.7 MB))
  5. Textile Dyeing Factory – Ludhiana ( brochure (.3 MB))
  6. Textile Dyeing Facility – Kanchipuram ( brochure (.2 MB))
  7. Common Effluent Treatment Plant – Madhavaram ( brochure (.2 MB))
  8. Sustainable Management of Siruseri Watershed ( brochure (2.8 MB))
  9. Bio-gas Plants in India ( brochure (.2 MB))
  10. Sembakkam Lake Restoration ( brochure (2.33 MB))